PeopleAnalytics is growing

Vill du hjälpa oss att göra HR till hjältar? Vi är ett HR-techbolag som erbjuder en molnbaserad analysplattform som förser beslutsfattare med affärsnära insikter inom hela HR-området. Vi gör det svåra enkelt genom att koppla samman HR-kunnande med analysexpertis och den senaste tekniken. Att arbeta på PeopleAnalytics innebär att arbeta på en ung, snabbrörlig tech-startup och med smarta personer som drivs av passion för sitt arbete. Vi vill arbeta med dem bästa. Tror du att det här kan passa dig? Hör av dig.

Work process

Workplace & Culture

The values we live by are: Dare to be bold, Think ahead and Keep it simple. This goes into everything we do, from how we try to help our customers, how we work together and who we hire. We also want to have a lot of fun doing what we love, and we make sure to celebrate every success.

Our values

Dare to be bold

We are brave and willing to challenge status quo, rather than ”play it safe”. We elevate key people questions and give insights to drive critical business decisions.

Think ahead

We are experts in our field, and always strive to be ahead. We lead the industry and will consistently work hard to develop new quality solutions in the field of People Analytics.

Make it simple

To create simplicity out  of complexity symbolizes our way of working with customers, products and processes. We are accessible, prestige less and customer focused.