Equal Pay Analysis with Salary Analysis

Ongoing follow up of HR-metrics

Predict the future with historical data

Equal Pay Analysis with Salary Analysis

PAY is a simple and effective equal pay analysis system that also gives you added value through the complete salary analysis, that is included.

Easily perform the annual equal pay analysis.

Our solution is compliant with all legal requirements.

Salary analysis is included with our cloud based system

Ongoing follow up of HR-metrics

A simple and flexible tool for monitoring HR key metrics. Get on top on your business most important KPIs!

Value creating

Reviewing the result of the data will help you make better decisions.

Data-Driven HR

Following your key metrics is the first step to start working in a data-driven way with HR

Save time

Our system requires minimal effort from you internally. This means that you have time to focus on what is really important - to work with the insights!

Predict the future with historical data

Do you want to know more about how staff turnover affects customer satisfaction and sales or how leadership index affects efficiency? With predictive analysis, you get exciting insights about how things are connected and future predictions.

Competitive Advantage

Predictive analysis is about predicting the future using historical data. Predictive Analysis is common in companies when it comes to analyze customers, but very few businesses use it to analyse employees.

Data-Driven HR

Working with analytics and predictive analysis within HR will take the entire function to a new level! Data-driven HR means true value-creation.


To succeed with HR analytics, both domain knowledge (ie HR competence) and analytical knowledge are required. We offer these competencies in combination to ensure successful HR analytics projects.

Med PeopleAnalytics system säkerställer vi att alla använder samma definitioner och vi kan enkelt göra jämförelser mellan våra affärsområden och länder. Att visualisera vår HR data på det här sättet hjälper oss att bli mer datadrivna och faktabaserade i vårt arbete.

Malin SilanderHR-direktör, Upplands Motor

”PeopleAnalytics are both professional and customer-oriented. With the help of their system, we save both time and internal resources. "

Stefan LampinenHR-Director, AFA Försäkring

"Through PeopleAnalytics PAY I get very good insights. I highly recommend PeopleAnalytics smart Equal Pay Analysis.”

Malin SilanderHR-Director Upplands Motor

”We have elevated our HR analytics work with the help of PeopleAnalytics KPI. Now we can track our HR key metrics on an ongoing basis, while at the same time deep dive into the data and get completely new insights.”

Åsa PantzarHR Director Elektroskandia

Very concrete with good exercises and at the same time inspiring. After a full day, we are now a complete HR team fully equipped to work more data-driven!

Eva Idmark LindströmHR Director Sweden, Schibsted