Equal pay analysis with pay analytics included

Through our cloud-based portal, you can easily and smoothly carry out the annual pay analysis.

The portal will ensure that you meet the legal requirement, but also gives a lot of added value in the form of insightful salary analysis.

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How does it work?

When you have decided to start using our portal – PeopleInsights – for equal pay analysis, we create a user account for your organization. You log in and your involvement will be needed in a few steps and then PeopleInsights will complete your equal pay analysis through automation.


You download our data collection template, fill it with the requested data and then upload it again. Super easy!


Even the job role evaluation is simple and efficient and PeopleInsight’s will support you through this process. You score 5-7 areas per job position and then divide all job positions into groups based on the different total points that each position has received. The result of the job evaluation is an internal hierarchical structure that enables salary analysis but can also form the basis for clarifying internal career paths, internal salary structure etc.

Do you already have an existing job role evaluation? If your organization is already valued, this step is taken. You simply upload the existing job evaluation directly into the data collection template. Once inside the system, you then divide the different roles into groups based on the work evaluation you have uploaded.

Equal Pay Analysis with Salary Analysis

PAY is a simple and effective equal pay analysis system that also gives you added value through the complete salary analysis, that is included.

Legal requirement

Swedish employers with more than ten employees must by law document their equal pay analysis pay every year. We want you to look forward to the annual equal pay analysis!


When the job role evaluation step is completed, the interactive report will be generated. You will have access to salary differences between the sexes – that is, the analysis that the law requires. But you also get a full salary analysis with valuable information about your salary structure and salary distribution. How much does it differ in salary levels between different groups? Between different departments? Between employees and managers within the same group? You can also tweak around with the salary analysis so it gets relevant to you.

framtidens hr med dataanalys

Equal Pay Index

All of our customers receives their very own Equal Pay Index. The Equal Pay Index is a weighted measure of the gender pay gap and describes how the pay gap would have looked if women and men were evenly distributed across your various jobs. An index very close to 100 shows that the pay structure in the organization follows scope and complexity of the jobs, not gender. An index further away from 100 shows that there are challenges in the equal pay structure. The index helps organizations to follow the pay gap year by year to make sure it develops in the right direction.

Why choose us?

Many of our customers find that the equal pay analysis goes from being a pain point to becoming something fun and, above all, value creating. The information generated is used throughout the year; for salary review, recruitment, promotions etc.